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Updated: May 28

Investor relations is changing – In Canada alone there are over 500 press releases a day from public companies. So how do you stand out?

Taylor Thoen is the founder and CEO of Business Television (BTV) where she has been at the forefront of reaching investors with the most powerful form of media – being video.

We asked Taylor to be on the show to get her perspectives on marketing public companies and engaging investors. She’s been doing this for over 20 years, so she not only knows the media industry but she also knows a thing or two about how public companies should be planning and executing their investor marketing programs.



  • How CEOs can use media to grow and further their brand to investors.

  • Crafting your message: How BTV approaches crafting a narrative for a company.

  • Whether or not ‘solving a problem’ plays a vital role in your marketing.

  • Finding your angle: It’s important to show what makes you unique.

  • Advice on transitioning your message across services.

  • The importance of talking to a targeted retail audience.

  • Tips and tricks for media, being on camera and gaining investors: Brevity is beautiful.

  • Similarities between marketing products and investor marketing: Video and frequency

  • Companies that are great examples of doing consistent marketing.

  • Taylor shares some of the metrics used to measure marketing success.

  • Advice on planning and managing the campaign and release of news.

  • Taylor shares the journey of starting and growing BTV.

  • What’s next for BTV.

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