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Updated: May 28, 2023

Bill Flederbach at The Insider's Guide to Finance
Bill Flederbach shares his deep knowledge of the carbon markets.

In today’s episode, we sit down with Bill Flederbach, President and CEO of ClimeCo. Bill discusses the carbon management industry, opportunities, and insights from his extensive experience.

ClimeCo is a sustainability company that focuses on advancing the low-carbon future with market-based solutions. ClimeCo's comprehensive solutions enable clients to maximize their environmental assets. Bill is passionate about the success of his clients.

“I think as a CEO it is important to always be learning and always have a mentor. It is a lonely position.” — Bill Flederbach [0:45:58]

Bill is a respected leader in the global environmental commodities market. In our conversation, we learn highlights from his career and what it takes to build a successful company in the carbon market.

He shares how his professional career path led him to start ClimeCo.

We learn about carbon credits, the carbon management process, and how to generate revenue from carbon mitigation. We also learn the risks and challenges of the industry.

Bill explains the difference between voluntary and regulated markets and the policy aspect.

Our conversation dives into why CEOs need a boss and what makes a good leader. To end off, Bill shares tidbits about why learning is essential before he shares his favorite books.


  • Introduction to Bill, his professional background, and what led him to found ClimeCo.

  • His approach to building ClimeCo and what the company has to offer.

  • Bill shares how he is able to see and find opportunities in the market.

  • Overview of the carbon management process and how to generate revenue from it.

  • The complex array of talent needed for developing effective mechanisms.

  • The risks and challenges of the carbon market.

  • What you need to consider as a developer in the carbon space.

  • His approach to leveraging voluntary and regulated carbon markets.

  • Learn about a leading authority in the Canadian carbon space.

  • Hear about ClimeCo’s unique plastic credit product and how it creates a new market.

  • Exciting partnerships ClimeCo has formed.

  • How he has changed as a leader over the course of his career and what he has learned.

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Please note that the information contained in this interview is not financial advice but for entertainment purposes. I am not a financial advisor and make no warranties or representations concerning the accuracy or suitability of the information contained in this interview. I recommend that any and all investment decisions be made with the advice of accredited investment advisors.


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